About Us

Commission Creative is a design team for missionaries. As a missions-focused design studio, started by MKs, we are dedicated to serving missionaries like you who are carrying out the Great Commission. We believe fundraising can be done with excellence and within a budget. Our passion is designing custom fundraising materials to help you raise support.

Meet Our Team

  • Aaron Van Gorp

    Managing Director

  • Matt Ward

    Graphic Designer

  • Alexa Russell

    Graphic Designer

  • elizebeth's headshot

    Elizabeth Harrison

    Graphic Designer

Interested in joining our team? Check for open positions and submit your resume through Lucent Design Co, our primary company.

How It All Started

Co-founders Aaron Van Gorp (Belgium) and Jason Nill (Spain & Ecuador) both grew up overseas as their parents served in missions.

They both grew up in the midst of their parents’ ministries and participated in fundraising efforts. Their MK experience included things like posing for prayer card pictures, traveling hundreds of miles to different churches on weekends, stuffing newsletters, and occasionally having to recite Bible verses in another language with an unknowingly bad accent.

As they grew up, they began to understand more about what is involved in being in missions. They noticed a lack of creative professionals catering specifically to missionaries’ needs that could provide affordable fundraising materials. They knew missionaries deserved better.

So in 2003 Aaron & Jason started Missions Linked as a side hustle while working together at their first jobs out of college.

They believe missionaries deserved better.

In 2016, Missions Linked was rebranded as Commission Creative, because we believe the Great Commission deserves our best we wanted our name to reflect that. Also, trying to say “Missions Linked” on the phone didn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

Since 2003, we’ve helped over 2,500 missionaries with by designing their missionary prayer cards, newsletters, and other fundraising materials.