Our Story

Jason and Aaron founded Commission Creative (formerly Missions Linked) in 2003.

We both (Jason and Aaron) grew up in the midst of our parents’ ministries and participated in their fundraising efforts. We got to experience things like posing for prayer card pictures, traveling hundreds of miles to different churches on weekends, stuffing newsletters, and occasionally having to sing in front of a congregation.

As we got older, we understood more about what is involved in being in missions. We noticed a lack of creative professionals catering specifically to missionaries’ needs that could provide affordable fundraising materials.

We believe missionaries deserve better.

We are a missions-focused design studio, started by MKs, dedicated to serving missionaries like you who are carrying out the Great Commission. We believe fundraising can be done with excellence and within a budget. We strive to provide custom-designed resources to missionaries like you, to help you raise support, grow your ministry, and change lives.

Working With Us

From start to finish, we’ve got you covered.

We have a simple, straight-forward process that takes the stress out of developing your promotional materials. Once you select a prayer card size, all we need is your photo, content, where you’re serving, and what you’re doing and we handle the rest.



Select a prayer card, upload your photo, supply content, and submit your order.



We design custom concepts for you. You review, provide feedback, and approve.



Your order is printed and shipped. Most products arrive in six to eight days.



Next, we can design notecards, a display, an email template, and more.
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